This functionality allow to modify several parameters in the single studies (coverages or profiles) included in a multiple study (multicoverage or trnasport network) simultaneously. The parameters may vary according to the working technology and study:

- Band.

- Transmitter radio parameters.

- Receptio radio parameters.

- Path type.

- 3G parameters.

- Calculation method.

- Cartography layers.

- Signal ranges.

To perform the common modification follow these steps:

- Source study: Seleccione one study you want to modify and make the changes.

- Selected studies: Add to the lis all the studies to which you want to apply the cahnges. The study slected as source study will not be included in the list.

- Source study parameters: Select from the lis of parameters those where you want to apply the modifications.



Some of these parameters ared composed by several fields. The user can modify all of them or make a selection as shown in the picture below: