To perform an automatic frequencies assignment the compatibility matrix should have been previously calculated in the dialog Calculate the transport network:


To calculate the matrix you must create a band in every profile and a rejection factor in the transport network.

Once the action Automatic frequencies assignment is selected, a table containing all channels configured in the transport network will be open:



In the example above the profile 1 Albacete Barazote is configured with three bidirectinal channels, so that there are six frequencies in the table.

By default the ends are configured with only one frequency. If you need to increase the number of channel you should make it from the end configurarion dialog.

For each link, the following actions can be performed:

- Modify: Allows to modify manually the polarization, channel and frequency. If you modify the channel, the frequency will be updated automatically by double-clicking in its box. If you make any changes you should validate them. If there is a conflict it will be reported:



- Clean frequency and channel. Deletes the assigned frequency for subsequent recalculation.

- Clean polarization. Deletes the assigned polarization for subsequent recalculation.

- Search for frequency. Provides a lis of frequencies available por the selected link. In bidirectional profiles it is recommended to clan both paths (direct and inverse) to search for frequencies.

To complete the frecuency assignment click in the Assign button.