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4/4/2016 - EURONA sign agreement with APTICA to speed up planning deployment
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11/1/2015 - APTICA and HYTERA Mobilfunk GmbH signed a partnership agreement for Trunking Network Design
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2/16/2015 - Agreement between NEUTRA and APTICA for designing new deployments of NEUTRA’’’s 4G-LTE nationwide network with art tools and 3D urban mapping in Spain
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1/29/2014 - New algorithms for advanced planning LTE
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2/12/2012 - XIRIO-ONLINE adds advanced LTE calculations
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11/8/2011 - The Universidad Politécnica de Madrid will use XIRIO-ONLINE in its educational activity
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9/14/2011 - XIRIO-ONLINE adds the transport network study to provide full planning experience for radiolink networks
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2/24/2011 - Western Europe at 5meter-resolution with buildings
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2/4/2011 - 3D Urban cartography of cities in Colombia and Uruguay
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2/24/2010 - BLOM will provide 3D high-resolution urban cartography in XIRIO Online.
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11/3/2009 - Intelia Consultores and the Technical University of Madrid (Universidad Politécnica de Madrid) reach an agreement for the development of urban computational algorithms for XIRIO Online.
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10/1/2009 - Intelia Consultores incorporates PLANNINTOOL module at XIRIO Online.
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5/29/2009 - Telefónica de España acquired licenses of Xirio Online SHAREPLACE for its installers support center in Seville.
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Available cartography
Examples of planning with Xirio
DVB-T Network.
Multitransmiter DVB-T Coverage located in Jaén.
TETRA base stations network.
Multitransmiter TETRA coverage located in Valencia (Spain).
Urban Wimax coverage located in Madrid
Urban coverge of Wimax computed using Recomendation UIT-R 1411
Urban digital hop network.
Radiolinks network (38 GHz) in the ciy of Saragossa (Spain).
FM Network located in Chile
Multitransmiter FM Coverage located in Chile.
ISDB-T Network
Multitransmiter ISDB-T Coverage located in Ecuador.
DVBT-2 Network
Multitransmiter DVBT-2 coverage located in Slovaquia
FM Network
Multitransmiter FM Coverage located in Castilla la Mancha (Spain).
LTE Network
Capability and covarege study